The Rural Center is a nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of rural North Carolinians through the development, promotion and implementation of sound economic strategies.

How can we help your community? The center trains rural leaders from all walks of life to recognize and embrace economic opportunities. We help rural entrepreneurs of all ages start their own businesses, and we provide access to capital so established businesses can grow and create new jobs.

We are passionate about this work. Recent challenges have only strengthened our dedication to it.

If you have a question about current Rural Center initiatives, please contact a staff member. If you have a question about past grant programs, please see this FAQ.


Defining a rural N.C. advocacy agenda: We need you!

ncrc-mountains2Last year we heard from you, our Rural Partners, that rural North Carolina needs to begin speaking with a clearer and more united voice. You asked us to help coordinate an effort to do exactly that, and we took your charge to heart. This summer, we will be traveling to six North Carolina towns to gather your input as we craft a rural advocacy agenda to benefit the entire state. Read more in our June newsletter.




Woodie joins new N.C. Rural Health Alliance

Rural Center President Patrick Woodie has joined the newly formed N.C. Rural Health Leadership Alliance as an inaugural member. Read more.



Check out our 2015 training and event schedule

We have an ambitious and thorough schedule mapped out for the rest of the year. It is constantly being updated, so don't forget to bookmark it. Read more.



"A further reason to hope comes from the Rural Center"

In a recent newspaper column that was published throughout the state, Tom Campbell of "N.C. Spin" praised the Rural Center's resiliency and refocused dedication to serving rural North Carolina. "We're all in this effort together," he says. Read more.