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Delivering resources for rural communities

Community Programs


The Rural Center is dedicated to helping rural communities build the capacity for long-term economic health and improved quality of life. While all of our programs have this goal, several specifically address building community capacity.



The Building Reuse and Restoration Grants Program assists communities in putting vacant properties back to work.


The Community Economic Development Grants Programs provides financial assistance to minority community development corporations to help them improve the economic well-being and quality of life in their communities.


The N.C. Small Towns Economic Prosperity Program helps towns reinvigorate their economies through a combination of community coaching, training and grants.


The Physical Infrastructure Office assists rural communities in planning and constructing water and sewer systems, gas lines, access roads and other types of infrastructure. Some grants address needs related to public and environmental health. Others target projects that create jobs.


The Office of Workforce Development promotes policies and programs that will support and develop a 21st century workforce.