Water 2030 Initiative


Water 2030 was a statewide water resources initiative to ensure that North Carolinians in every part of the state have access to ample supplies of clean water. It ran from 2004 through 2006. The initiative produced extensive information on the state’s public infrastructure and long-term water supply and engaged leaders and citizens in discussions about North Carolina’s water future. The Rural Center continues to advocate state action in response to these findings.


The Findings


Conclusions and Recommendations

The Rural Center called for a new $1 billion bond referendum to finance needed infrastructure improvements throughout the state.


Impact of the 1998 Clean Water Bonds

The 1998 Clean Water Bonds had a major impact on North Carolina’s economy, health and environment.


Trends in Water and Sewer Financing

Declining funds for infrastructure raise serious challenges for North Carolina’s future.


Water, Sewer and Stormwater Capital Needs

North Carolina’s public water, sewer and stormwater utilities will require investments totaling $16.63 billion by 2030.




Water 2030 Overview

Learn more about the initiative and the Rural Center’s record of research and investments in water and sewer issues.


Water Resources Glossary

Find definitions of terms often used in discussions of water and sewer issues.