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by Jason Gray, Senior Fellow, Research & Policy

Being a strong advocate requires that we have a focused but flexible message that works well with different audiences. How do you make the case for an issue for someone who grew up in your community? How would you make it appeal to an individual who just moved to the community recently? How would you make it to an individual from out of state who just moved to Charlotte or Durham? 

North Carolina is a magnet for people from all over the nation and the world. Over half of the people now living in the state were not born here. This interactive map gives a snapshot of how this varies across the state. The pie charts give the county percentages of who were born in or out of the state.

Clicking on the balance of the county tells you the county’s percentage of the state total born out of state. You will see a big difference in large urban areas! But there are also differences between rural areas – how does it look in your community? And how will that shape the way you talk about your community’s history and needs?