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Rural Assembly

2019 NC Rural Assembly

We know no two rural communities are the same. Each place has its own unique sets of assets– and its own persistent challenges. This year’s NC Rural Assembly we will take a closer look at rural communities from around the state and nation who are building their own distinct economies and establishing their own specific identities.
Though the origin stories and end results may be different, a common theme is persistent in any economically vibrant small town or rural community: Creativity–the ability to fearlessly transcend traditional ideas, expectations, and practices to create meaningful results that improve quality of life and improve economic sustainability.
Thank you to the 400+ rural champions who have registered for the 2019 NC Rural Assembly. Stay tuned for pictures, videos, and more after the conference on November 21-22, 2019.





Make Your Place:
Create. Transform. Celebrate.



Revving the Rural Engine:
Local leaders driving innovation



Claiming Our Future:
Inspiring leadership, driving change