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Regional Leadership and Project Development

Through funding from the Golden LEAF Foundation, the Rural Center launched the Sandhills Regional Leadership and Capacity Building Initiative in 2019. The initiative will build a diverse regional leadership team in the state’s Sandhills Prosperity Zone and provide leadership training to project teams to identify untapped regional opportunities for economic growth and development.

This program will help an essential North Carolina region broaden its leadership base, enhance community and regional collaborations, and develop more strategic initiatives to transform the economy. 

The results of the work will enable the region to better compete for other national, state, and private resources, including strengthening the quality and reach of grant proposals for Golden LEAF’s anticipated 2019-20 Community Based Grant Initiative (CBGI) in the Sandhills Prosperity Zone.  

Golden LEAF’s CBGI supports the building blocks of economic growth in local communities, focusing on communities in one or two Prosperity Zones at a time. CBGI focuses on projects that address agriculture, education, workforce development, economic development, public infrastructure, and health  care. The competitive application process is designed to identify projects that are ready for implementation at the award date and have the potential to make a significant local economic impact.

Counties in the Northeast Prosperity Zone include: 

  • Bladen
  • Columbus
  • Cumberland
  • Hoke
  • Montgomery
  • Moore
  • Richmond
  • Robeson
  • Sampson
  • Scotland