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NC Venture Capital Program

Please note that we are in the process of launching a new iteration of this program which is described below. We anticipate it to be launched in November 2022. 

The NC Venture Capital Program is an intermediary small-business lending program that supports early-stage high-growth small businesses in North Carolina, primarily through equity investments.

Small Businesses Face Barriers When Seeking Investment

Our state’s entrepreneurs need access to equity that goes beyond public dollars alone. Venture capital programs to promote small business investing that are integrated into the larger realm of economic development activity enabling and promoting the growth of small businesses, often called the entrepreneurial ecosystem, are vital to sustainability of individual communities and the state.

The Venture Program Solution

Utilize our NC Venture Capital Program to create equity investment opportunities for startups throughout the state. By working with fund managers to infuse this capital into the marketplace, we are creating more jobs and enhancing the economic development opportunities in the communities where they operate.

This program is in development and will roll out in phases. We are currently reviewing proposals to select a consultant to provide strategic support to the venture program. 

All questions regarding this program should be directed to